KUULKOIN, the native token of KEKUUL

KUULKOIN, the utility token issued by KEKUUL
  • Invest in a proven business model
  • Pre-Sale Phases
  • 100% safe and fair 

Public Pre-Sale End on:

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$50 K
Minimum amount
Maximum amount

What is Kekuul?

Kekuul is like the uber of entrepreneurship. Basically we are a platform where entrepreneurial minds can connect and find inputs to potentiate their skills and launch their projects.

The platform is divided into two great tools, the Freelance section and the Crowdfunding Section.

What is the KUULKOIN?

KUULKOIN is a utility token that will issue KEKUUL using the Binance Smart Chain network following the BEP20 standard. KUULKOIN can be used in Kekuul, in decentralized applications and can later be exchanged for other tokens or fiat money.

Pre-Sale Phases

Private Pre-Sale
February 9, 2022

1 KUUL = $0.004 USD

Price 250% lower than the Final Public Price

20,000,000 KUUL

(up to $80k USD)

Public Pre-Sale I
March 15, 2022

KUUL = $0.006 USD

Price 166% lower than the Final Public Price

20,000,000 KUUL

(up to $120k USD)

Public Pre-Sale II | Launchpad
May 2022

1 KUUL = $0.008 USD

Price 125% lower than the Final Public Price

30,000,000 KUUL

(up to $240k USD)

Token Details

Complete Name: KUULKOIN
Symbol: KUUL
Total Supply: 200,000,000 KUUL
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Deflation: Burning Tokens
Buy Currency Options: MXN, USD, BNB, USDT
Smart Contract: 0xEB2eFda2cb128aD59ac548B05d90d86591047006
ICO Pre-Sale
LP, Liquidity
Marketing & Airdrops
Platform Reserve
Team & Advisors

Funds Distribution

  • 65% Product Development

    Development of the platform to incorporate the use of the token in the ecosystem. This mainly includes technical team salaries, product expenses and R&D costs.

  • 20% Marketing, Sales & Alliances

    It will be used for commercial recruitment, testing of sales channels, marketing and public relations. The objective will be to make the business model profitable at the national level. In this part, the closing of agreements with strategic partners, the expansion of the commercial team, hiring of experts and investments in recruitment will be worked on.

  • 15% Operations

    It will be used in daily operational tasks and as a cash reserve to deal with any unforeseen event.


January-December 2021
KEKUUL Platform Development
April-May 2022
Ends Pre-Sale Public Phase I | Starts Pre-Public Sale II (Launchpad)
December 2022
All Lock-Up periods end (Total release of tokens)
February 2022
ICO Starts with the Private Pre-Sale
March 2022
Private Sale Ends, Public Pre-Sale Begins I Development of Chanekes NFTs Begins
October 2022
Launch of the Platform with Integrated Token Ecosystem

Discover the Uses that the KUULKOIN will have within KEKUUL

Any of the platform’s tools can be covered in Fiat money, as well as in KUULKOIN. However, the usefulness of KUULKOIN becomes relevant for additional services within the platform.

In both sections of the platform
you can pay for advertising with KUUL



Yo can contribute to KEKUUL campaigns
in regular money or in KUUL



By creating a crowdfunding campaign you can
offer KUULS as a reward to your contributors

Add KUUL contract to your Wallet

The NFTs Collection

The ChaneKes are a collection of 2000 unique digital art NFTs located on the Ethereum network. The Chanekes swore to protect anyone who believed in them and therefore, by owning a Chaneke you will get huge benefits.

Owners will have early access to all KEKUUL projects and will also be included in the Whitelist of all future projects, receive discounts on the platform and can receive KUULKOIN through airdrops raffles.

  • All KUULKOIN Private Pre-Sale participants will get a ChaneKe with rarity.
  • All participants of the Public Pre-Sale I will get a common ChaneKe.
  • Among the participants of the Public Pre-Sale II, ChaneKes will be raffled as a gift.
Roadmap Phase 1

Early access to ambitious projects:

As you know, one of the tools of KEKUUL is the Crowdfunding section. That is why KEKUUL has early access to different ambitious projects. By having a ChaneKe you will also have access to these early and guaranteed. (Includes Whitelist of different projects).

Early Access to the Platform:

ChaneKe owners will always have early access to the beta phases of the platform and any new developments within it.

Big Discounts:

In KEKUUL every day we are working so that different companies, establishments, platforms and others, offer benefits and discounts to the owners of a ChaneKe.

Roadmap Phase 2

Special Merch:

As the fundraising process progresses, we will launch different merch that will be exclusively for the owners of a ChaneKe.

Discounts on the Platform:

Having a ChaneKe guarantees that you will not pay many commissions within KEKUUL and you will also have additional discounts within the platform.


KEKUUL owners will periodically receive KUULKOIN Airdrops (the KEKUUL utility token).


At KEKUUL we seek to create a sustainable long-term project. In this Roadmap V1 you will be able to see the objectives that we will start working.

Having a ChaneKe guarantees you access to this Roadmap and all those that arise later.

Team & Advisors